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You love the freshness of a new car. Don’t you? The fresh smell of brand new leather, the feel of the new carpet, the paint and the crystal clear glass do give a heavenly feeling. At Nanak Car Wash, we want to give you the closest experience to that, every time you clean and detail your car.

There are no hidden secrets about how we do that. We do the things your car needs, with expert and experienced hands, that too within an affordable budget. Our staff are well trained, they have worked with a lot of cars, both economy and luxury ones. They know what your car needs and make sure your car gets the right attention. They are certified with the right techniques as well as the right chemicals, so when you are looking for Auto detailing in Guelph, give your car to the expert hands at Nanak Car Wash and stay worry-free.

Although expertise and experience make the most of the service hassle free, tools of the trade are also important. We have the best equipment for auto detailing in Guelph, starting from brushes to applicators and cleaning pads. The delicate and specialized equipment makes sure, your interior is nowhere damaged and the whole of the car is crystal clear.

There are different chemicals meant for different parts of the car and any mix up can damage the paint and interior of your car. We use appropriate chemicals for each part, so that you get back your car with a new feel every time you opt for a detailing service.

Furthermore, all vents and crevices are cleaned and blown out to make sure no dirt is accumulated there.

For a top class detailing of your car within your budget, do visit Nanak Car Wash, here in Guelph.

  • Why are different chemicals used for car detailing in Professional Car Detailing Services, instead of just soap and wax?

It takes very different chemicals to clean the different surface materials used in a car including plastics, paint, rubber, leather and metal. Different chemicals are used to clean the different surfaces efficiently.

  • Can I drop your car at your Car Wash and Pick it up later?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment prior to the detailing service and come at the scheduled time. You can then leave your vehicle with us, because detailing takes substantial time. Once done, you can collect your car from our premises.

  • What is the timing for Car Detailing Service at Nanak Car Wash?

At Nanak Car Wash, we are open Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 7 pm. You can schedule your car detailing appointment accordingly.

Why Choose to Become a Member?

Our Unlimited Wash Plan is the quick and convenient way to keep your car shining all the time. It’s everything you love about getting your car washed in a simple, easy to use plan. As a member, you will enjoy all the benefits of washing as often as you like, no long term contract, convenient monthly billing, and now you can rest assured with a contactless visit.



Buy 3 Shine & Protect Washes $24.99

$14.99 + Tax

Regular Price $15.99 + Tax

Under Body Wash

Hot Wax Triple Foam Wax

Double Drying Power



Express Wash Membership


$19.99 + Tax

Regular Price $34.99 + Tax

New Activation Only

Foam bath and rinse

No Contract And Cancelation Fee Today.



Today Special

$34.99 + Tax

Regular Price $39.99 + Tax

Basic Car Wash

Hand Dry

Vacuum Seats and carpet

Plastic Matts Power Washed

Window Cleaned




Regular Price $79.99 + Tax

Limited Time Special

Shampoo the Carpet and Carpet Matts

Clean Side Panels and Doors

Clean and Shampoo Rubber and Carpeted Floor mats

Clean Windows and Dashboard

1 Free Exterior Wash

Time Required 1 to 2 hrs This Job will takes From 1 to 2 Hours.

SUV/Vans/Pick Up Trucks will be extra.

Pet Hair Removal or Extra efforts cost more.



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