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The Rust Check Package

We offer a two-step rust check application process. We check the design of your car thoroughly in order to ascertain the areas that are prone to corrosion and then customize our product to your car’s design to ensure maximum protection. The undercarriage areas of a car that are exposed are coated with the rust check coat & protection solution, to keep the rust in check.

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Benefits of
Rust Proofing

Our services include repairing cars infested with rust, after accident care, and rust proofing cars before they have been purchased.

Rust Protection

The exposure of metal to water or moisture makes it susceptible to rust, which slowly destroys the entire metal if it is left untreated. Rust proofing your car would ensure that the metals exposed to moisture does not get corroded and that the car does not get destroyed.

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Rust Prevention

We also offer rust prevention services that ensure the protection of those areas in a car that are most likely to be damaged with rust because of their exposure to moisture.

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Rust Proofing

Our team of experts strives to match the product colours and helps the cars avoid rust without burning a hole in your pocket and making the vehicle look seamless while protecting it against corrosion.

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Car Body Rust Removal

We specialise in removing rust from the body parts of the car. Rust is removed as per the vehicle’s requirement and your convenience. Our qualified and experienced technicians are capable of getting rid of rust from a car and revive its beauty. We make it look like the rust never existed in the first place. We also provide a written report of recommendation in terms of caring for cars in the future.

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Car Rust Repair

Our wide range of rust repair services ensure the removal of rust even when it is the size of a speck or rather substantial. Our team of professionals gets rid of the rust and also protects the car against further damage by it.

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Services Offered at Rust Proofing by Nanak Car Wash Guleph

Our team of certified professionals helps protect your vehicle by using a unique chemical compound. It permeates through the metal and protects the entire car for a substantially long period of time. It is applied on the metal parts so as to avoid corrosion, as metal is susceptible to rusting when exposed to moisture or water. Rust is capable of destroying the metal. It become brittle and thus is easy to age and give up. Stones on the road can chip the car and make it catch rust. Our compound protects you against that and more.

We are quick to locate potential damage to the structure like front collisions or fender benders

Our rust check and repair corrosion service is complimentary and we ensure the best for your vehicle as it is in the hands of the best.

Medium and Full sized Car

Starting at129.95

Minivan/Compact pick-up

Starting at139.95

Full sized Pick up/SUV

Starting at149.95

We will find any potential structural damage such as fender benders or front collisions
With our complimentary Rust Check and Repair corrosion service, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are no leaks or corrosion issues to worry about.