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The Rust Check Package

Minimize the impact of rust with our two-step Rust Check application process. We tailor our products to the specific design of your car to guarantee that we reach the nooks and crannies where rust can develop. We then tackle the exposed areas of the car’s undercarriage with the Rust Check Coat & Protect solution, which covers exposed areas of the undercarriage and provides lubrication.

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Benefits of
Rust Proofing by Nanak Car Wash Guleph Our services include rust proofing a car before you buy it, or after car repairs or accidents.

Rust Protection

Rust is a natural process which starts as soon as metal is exposed to water or moisture. Rust will continue on its destructive path until it has either been treated or removed. Preserve the outside so what's inside can last a lifetime.

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Rust Prevention

With Nanak Car Wash, you can protect your vehicle from corrosion caused by rust before it starts. Protect from corrosion from the inside out.

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Rust Proofing

We're experts at matching colours so you can drive worry free knowing your car is protected from rust on the outside thanks to our competitive pricing on Rust Protection products.

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Car Body Rust Removal

We can remove it completely from an entire car body or one part at a time. Our rust prevention programs ensure that your vehicle will remain looking like new for many years to come. Whether it's minor, such as micro-surface rust or a rust spot, or major, such as heavy pitting or corrosion from acidic fluid leaks, our technicians will restore a vehicle's beauty with a Rust Check service and provide a written report about what is recommended for future care.

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Car Rust Repair

If you see rust on your vehicle anywhere from a stone chip to a major collision, we offer a wide range of car rust repair services including rust removal and rust proofing at affordable prices. Let our experts at Nanak Car Wash give your car a new lease on life! Contact our Automobile Rust Repair centre today!

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Services Offered at Rust Proofing by Nanak Car Wash Guleph

Nanak Car Wash, We have rust proof specialists who will help with protecting your vehicle. We use a unique chemical compound that will create long-term protection for your system, it’s components and key metal parts. The chemical permeates throughout the metal.Vehicle parts are mainly made of metal, being made of metal they can rust easily when exposed to certain environments and conditions. From rocks and pebbles chipping away underneath your vehicle to salt; rust makes these metal parts become brittle, making these parts more susceptible to wear and tear, eventually breaking. by Nanak Car Wash Guleph rust protection can help those chips that you got from those stones on the road that quickly created rust.

Medium and Full sized Car

Starting at129.95

Minivan/Compact pick-up

Starting at139.95

Full sized Pick up/SUV

Starting at149.95

We will find any potential structural damage such as fender benders or front collisions
With our complimentary Rust Check and Repair corrosion service, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are no leaks or corrosion issues to worry about.