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Term & Conditions

  • Valid for one vehicle and one wash per day. Sticker must be affixed to car window to be valid. Tampered with stickers not accepted.
  • Automatically charged to your credit or debit card every month.
  • Introductory offers are not available to former Unlimited Members.
  • To ensure value to all unlimited customers, nanak car wash may continue the introductory rate or apply other discounts off the retail rate for lower than average users.
  • You may change or cancel any plan after the first full month charge by filling the cancelation form at any location 10 days before the renewal.
  • Canceling does not entitle you to full or partial refunds or credits but your pass will be valid for the remainder of the current paid month.
  • To change vehicles see a car wash cashier.
  • Commercial vehicles include taxis, limos, Uber drivers, etc. Commercial vehicles prices are different .
  • Customers with little or no usage in a given month are not entitled to refunds or credits.
  • If a plan is used during a month and a charge goes unpaid, the customer is responsible for the full month.
  • Unlimited plans may not be transferred to temporary or rental vehicles.
  • Nanak car wash retains the right to discontinue any customer’s participation in the Unlimited Plan for any reason.
  • The terms and conditions of this agreement, including monthly rate are subject to change.
  • If the wash closes due to extreme weather,or maintaince issues, Unlimited Members are not eligible for refunds or credits.